Bring mastery learning to your classroom

Build powerful review assignments around your curriculum,
backed by science to improve student performance.

Formatted to improve retention

The format of our review assignments is driven by a modern understanding of the neural correlates of learning and memory.

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  • Spaced repetition
  • Retrieval practice

Including a gap period between the initial study session and each subsequent review session has significant implications on improving student retention. A 2015 study by Kapler et al. found that a group of students that completed a review assignment eight days after an initial lecture improved their baseline score 20-percent higher than a group of students that completed the assignment one day after the lecture.

OpenClass strategically reintegrates material throughout the duration of the class to ensure spaced repetition.

Built around your content

You work too hard preparing presentations, lectures, and readings to use cookie-cutter review assignments.

  • 1. Upload what you covered
  • 2. Write questions
  • 3. Publish your assignment

Personalized for your students

All students are unique. Level the playing field for students of different backgrounds, preferences, and abilities.

Uniform instruction
Normal achievement
Optimal instruction
High achievement
OpenClass leverages machine learning to
identify and bridge knowledge gaps, delivering
an optimal level of instruction to each student
to master concepts at their own pace.

We provide powerful metrics...

  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Accuracy
  • Cumulative topic retention support data-driven learning

Our metrics can help you:
  • Find unclear slides from your presentation, to then update accordingly
  • Discover misunderstood concepts, to then discuss further in class
  • Compare your instruction over time, to help you improve as an educator
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Hear why we're trusted by educators

Gus Hahn-Powell
Gus Hahn-Powell
Assistant Professor,
University of Arizona
“As educators, comprehensive review is something we all want to provide, but it can be difficult to deliver. OpenClass makes it easy — far easier than any other tool I’ve used. Feedback from undergraduates and graduates was overwhelmingly positive. Unsolicited, students repeatedly reached out to let us know how useful they found the review and mastery activities.”

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