Mission Statement

At our core, our mission is to improve the way people learn.

Too often do students attend lectures, read textbooks, or otherwise attempt to acquire new knowledge, only to forget the bulk of the information in a matter of days or even hours.

We believe that retention is the paramount component of education. If one is not retaining what they learn, what’s the point?

Replacing educators with artificial intelligence is not the answer. A human touch will always be pivotal to the learning process. But continuing down the current path also has proven to be less-than-efficient.

Our focus is in the area in-between: we are building a platform that allows educators to build targeted review assignments around their curriculum to help their students retain their teachings.

We want educators to spend less time re-teaching and more time teaching. We want students to spend less time studying and more time understanding.

We envision a future of education where anyone that wants to learn can receive a top-level personalized education no matter their socioeconomic status or learning quirks and will be able to retain that knowledge in their life endeavors.

If improving how people learn drives you as well, come work with us!