Quality Assurance

High-quality content will always be paramount to the learning process.

As such, our platform––which prides itself on democratizing education and allowing educators to share their learning resources––places a strong emphasis on maintaining only accurate and thorough presentations, lectures, publications, and questions in our resource pool.

While assignments are generated on an individual basis for all students to appeal to their unique learning styles, educators can have a high level of confidence in the material each of their students will receive due to our three-step checks process:

  • 1

    Educators must be verified before submitting content

    Only verified educators employed by a university or official OpenClass contributors are permitted to submit their resources to our resource pool.
  • 2

    All submitted content is reviewed by human beings

    We ensure that all content submitted to our resource pool is verified by an OpenClass team member before being available to other educators.
  • 3

    Educators approve all content for their assignments

    Educators will have a pool of verified resources at their disposal, but ultimately will have the final say on what does or does not go into their assignment.

While we strongly believe in this process, it is possible for some inaccurate or otherwise low-quality resources to slip through the cracks. This is where we rely on our learning community to report such resources to us.